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Mona Cladis, MS, C.Ht., NLP

Certified Hypnotherapist

and Life Coach


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Yes! is a powerful word.

Personal growth and positive transformation begins with the word Yes!  

Yes! helps one negotiate everyday life out of a positive rather than a negative position. It holds the key to creating fulfilling, just, rewarding and long lasting relationships both at home and at work.

Yes! a positive outlook to most everything in life, creates relationships where trust, understanding, respect and friendship are built over time providing life in its fullest rewards and happiness.

Yes! triggers us to take action toward attaining the inner personal balance we seek, overcoming obstacles, reaching goals we’ve always wanted. When we say, “Yes! I can” and “Yes! I will” we create the power within us to change the way we live.


“Every Man is a Hero, not the perfect human being but one who does not give up when faced with obstacles but goes over it.”   John Kappas


Creating Positive Changes with The Power of YES!