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Mona Cladis, MS, C.Ht., NLP

Certified Hypnotherapist

and Life Coach


(702) 263-8042

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“I knew that there was so much more that I was capable of achieving, yet I didn’t know how to tap into that potential. I believe that God led me to you in using your expertise, and I was able to see the person that I can become and so much more!

My deepest desire is to use my expertise in the mortgage business to help my community especially during the greatest financial crisis ever. Therefore, when an opportunity was presented to me to become a program director for the non-profit organization in my community, I took the challenge. Little did I know that the challenge is so much bigger than I could handle, at least as I thought before we met. With your assistance, I was able to understand more about myself and others. I was able to dig deeper into the reason for what holds me back by tapping into the power of my subconscious. As a result, not only did I see my challenge as something that I can handle but also an opportunity for me to grow in my sphere of influence. I am no longer afraid to talk to anybody, to ask for the business, and their help in order to achieve my goals.

Your expertise helped me see the purpose by which God had placed me in my family & my community. As a wife to my husband of eight years & mother of two boys, I can’t wait to see the fruits of the balanced life that we worked so hard to achieve. Not only that you helped me gain “super confidence” in my speaking abilities, but that I see myself doing extraordinary things wherever I choose to go from now on. 

The possibilities are endless now, and I want to thank you for helping me realize and experience my greatest potential!”


Your Community Hero’s Servant Chair -Woman

Non-Profit Organization & Mortgage Professional

Las Vegas, NV

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me this past year.  The tools and techniques you gave me will definitely help me in my daily life. I now know how to take charge – I’m in control.  You believed in me and this is what I needed the most.  Because of your guidance, I know only good things will come my way. I am excited and motivated to do things without fear.  THANK  YOU!” 

MM, Business Owner, Las Vegas, NV

“Mona…working with you was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  You helped me with many of the issues in my life and I found you to be the most compassionate therapist I’ve ever worked with.  I had never been under hypnosis before and it was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.  I wish you continued success in your career and congratulations on having such a positive impact on the lives of your clients." 

AH, Henderson, NV

“I must admit I was skeptical about seeing you, Mona, after all, I thought I’d tried everything to change my life, reading self-improvement books and going to self development seminars and what could hypnotherapy offer that was so different - I wondered?  Well, after your initial consultation where I was introduced to what role the subconscious played in directing my life and experiencing hypnosis for the first time, I was convinced you could help me with the stuff I needed to pay major attention to.  Indeed changing my programming, eliminating my limiting beliefs about myself, letting go the fears of success and using that great positive power of yes with your help, I was able to make the dramatic changes in my life I’ve always wanted but never thought I could achieve.  It’s been 3 years after the sessions we did and I am waking up each morning amazed at my increased motivation and sustained meaningful productivity throughout the day.  I now have a wonderful relationship with my husband and my grown children and everything is working out in my life just the way we said it would – best of all, my business growth has exceeded my goals!  You’ve taught me how to find joy in my life.  Thank you Mona, you are a wonderful life coach.  I’ve been referring my family, friends and associates to you to find out just what the Power of Yes can do for them!”

Diane S., Business Owner, Henderson, NV

 “ I’d  just gotten back from Iraq, had many terrible nightmares from serving our country for 3 years, too many confusing derailing memories giving me sleepless nights and stressful arguments with my wife and moodiness with the children.  I sure needed major adjustment.  A friend of mine recommended I see you to help me make sense of the confusion.  Sure glad I did.  It was like a weight lifted from my chest.  And my head.  You helped me let go the nightmares, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my new found life.  I am now more productive, more focused, and most of all:  happy.   Thank you, Mona, you rock!”  

Sgt. Maj. TJ, United States Marine Corps

“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.”  Unknown author

“The Power of Yes” was a great source of comfort to my partner, Warren.  When he passed away I know it was peaceful not only for him but for me as well.  It’s wonderful to know that a caring person like Mona is always giving her all to help us.  

MR, Homemaker, Las Vegas, NV

"Thank you, Mona. I am so happy for taking me for the person I am, not judging me, rather making me aware of who I can be.  Thank you for my exciting journey of growth." 

CJ, Airline Stewardess, Redondo Beach, CA

"Thank you for helping me with my physical and emotional pain which became easy to let go with your coaching after holding on to these for so many years.  I’m a new person.  I do not miss the pain.  You have helped me in many countless ways." 

BV, Real Estate Broker, Redondo Beach, CA

"Mona, you were so very open to understanding and knowing the unique person who I was, what my goals and dreams were and led me on the path to be more successful in my life.   You helped me really get in touch with myself and took me to places and to a level of personal growth I never thought possible through guided imagery.  That was truly awesome!" 

AK, Hair Dresser Extraordinaire, Torrance, CA

 "I found you to be very professional in all my communications and meetings with you.  I certainly appreciated your flexibility when scheduling appointments.  Your office was conducive to our sessions.  It was quiet, the easy chair was relaxing, thank you for the light blanket you had handy when I needed it.  You were very thorough from the beginning, working with me in setting my goals for the sessions and I felt I have accomplished them, thanks to you.  Appreciate your follow-up calls; you made me feel you truly cared for me.  I wish you much success." 

MS, Sales Director, Torrance, CA, Cancer survivor

"Thank you for being there at during my loss.  You gave me hope and helped me move on with my life by showing me a clearer perspective to move forward with.  Thank you for being in my life at exactly the right time and place." 

TJ, Doctor, Palos Verdes, CA

 "Just wanted to thank you again for the professional help you rendered on the flight from Vegas to Burbank, CA.  I really appreciated your interrupting your time to help a fellow passenger during a bumpy ride." 

DK, Interior Designer, Sherman Oaks, CA

"I never knew I could quit smoking until I met you and sat in your chair in therapy.  I am so relieved I am now smoke-free:  free at last from the chain of that bondage.  My body thanks you, my wife thanks you and my entire family thanks you.  I believe I will live at least 5 more years thanks to this experience." 

CC, Restaurant Owner, Las Vegas, NV

 "Mona, you made me realize a dream I shelved for many years.  I am grateful for your guidance and wisdom.  I am now sending all my friends and relatives to go see you and hopefully they will all be as happy as I am!" 

AL, Teacher, Henderson, NV

"It took a 2-hour session with you and I now reap many miraculous changes in my life in the way I deal with my husband and my children.  You’re my angel." 

MV, Business Owner, Henderson, NV

 "You taught me how to let go of my anger and my sadness.  My struggle is past and behind me.  I am living a happier productive life now."  

JC, Chiropractor, Las Vegas, NV

 "Thank you for teaching me how to get rid of stress in my life.  You gave me new ways of handling the daily zingers and made me realize all the resources I have to live a truly expansive life.  I now feel fulfilled in my relationships at work and at home, and in the core knowledge of myself.   Plus, I expect even more growth as I go along.  That’s a big one!"

MR, Musical Director, Las Vegas, NV 

"Your voice went with me in surgery.  Exactly what I needed.  You gave me the comforting experience to help me pull through the complicated heart surgery and heal faster.  My doctor was amazed!  Thank you!" 

JLM, Lawyer, your father


Creating Positive Changes with The Power of YES!


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