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Mona Cladis, MS, C.Ht., NLP

Certified Hypnotherapist

and Life Coach


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Personal growth and transformation begins with the power of YES!

YES reframes our mind, propels us to take positive action toward goals, triggers tremendous personal growth and enables us to step fully into our lives. We have a wonderful tool with which to do this – hypnosis! Why hypnosis?  Because it works! When we say “YES” we gain a sense of control and access to all the positive resources around us to make it happen.

Our subconscious mind is like an oyster that opens up ever so slightly with hypnosis. With your permission, your Hypnotherapist will offer your subconscious mind a tiny sand of suggestion, and then the oyster will close until our next session.  In the meantime, that tiny grain of sand becomes a pearl inside the oyster.  The next time you are under hypnosis we offer another tiny sand of suggestion and the oyster shuts again.  Soon you will have a bucket full of pearls in your life.  Your attitude will change positively, magically, and so will your behavior. Your life will change in the ways you’ve always wanted and dreamed of.  Imagine how good that would feel! 

There are many benefits unique to the remarkable, therapeutic intervention of hypnotherapy.  Perhaps most dramatic, is the clarity of subconscious knowns and unknowns which becomes evident to the Client in the course of a session.  In an altered state of deep relaxation, access to the subconscious mind is possible.  Once awareness of these is integrated, change comes quickly and dramatically. 

This is the Power of YES!

It takes a professional Certified Hypnotherapist who has the education and experience in the dynamics of human behavior to help the Client understand what he or she is experiencing.  When Clients get to the emotional core of whatever issue that they are concerned with, they can change the emotional “script” and gain awareness of how to take control of old ways of behaving and replace them with new, healthy ones.   They realize that they are in control of their lives as they learn new innovative ways of behaving in their journey of growth and transformation. 

There are many uses for hypnotherapy.  If you recognize that you are not fulfilling your full potential, hypnotherapy offers many valuable benefits.


"Hypnos, lord over all mortal men and all gods, if ever before now you listened to word of mine, so now also do as I ask; and all my days I shall know gratitude.  Put to sleep the shining eyes of Zeus under his brows as soon as I have lain beside him in love.  I will give you gifts; a lovely throne, imperishable forever, of gold.  My own son, he of the strong arms, Hephaestus, shall make it with careful skill and make for your feet a footstool on which you can rest your shining feet when you take your pleasure.”  

Iliad 14.231-291 Greek epic C9th-8th BCE


Creating Positive Changes with The Power of YES!


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