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Mona Cladis, MS, C.Ht., NLP

Certified Hypnotherapist

and Life Coach


(702) 263-8042

(702) 862-9393



·       Habit Control

·        Weight Management and Wellness

·        Stress and Anxiety

·        Self-Confidence and Motivation

·        Balancing Personal Life and Work

·        Relationship Strategies

·        Test Performance

·        Sports Performance

·        Phobias

·        Menopausal Concerns

·        Pain Management

·        Preparation for Surgery

·        Let Go Limiting Beliefs and Negative Emotions like Anger, Sadness, Fear and Guilt.

·    Life Altering Events: Career Change, Marriage, Birth, Death, Divorce, Loss, Trauma, Relocation

·        And many more

Hypnotherapists work with vocational and avocational self-improvement and are not licensed by the

state as healing arts practitioners.  Some conditions may require medical or psychological referrals.



"Life is a journey into the unknown zone, beyond our comfort zone.  We are called upon to respond to its challenges, to be brave and bold."

“The doors of the temple stand open, night and day, before every man, and the oracles of this truth cease never, it is guarded by one stern condition; this namely is an intuition.  It cannot be received at second hand.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882


Creating Positive Changes with The Power of YES!


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